What makes it "ECO-GLITTER"?

First off and most importantly - It's not made of PET.  Regular glitter is made from Polyethylene terephthalate - basically cut up little pieces of plastic.  While you get to enjoy PET glitter for one night - mother earth gets to enjoy it for hundreds of years.

Our GLITTER is made from a special film - its main ingredient is Eucalyptus mulch!  The film biodegrades in sea water in line with the standard ASTM D7081-05. It's also certified to the major EU and US standards for compostable packaging (EN13432 and ASTM D6400).  It meets the requirements to carry the seedling logo (Din Certco) and is also certified by AIB Vinçotte for home compostability to the OK Compost Home standard.

The eucalyptus mulch (the glitter's #1 ingredient) is derived from sustainably sourced raw materials, produced and harvested to FSC standards. The factory we work with is ISO 14001 accredited. We try to always turn off the lights after we leave a room.  We think about getting a worm farm every few months.  Our calculator has a solar panel.

Was your glitter tested on animals?

No, absolutely not, not even one time.

I'm scared to take a risk with an unknown glitter...

Our glitter is cosmetic grade and much softer and finer than PET glitter.  it feels more like make-up than craft supplies. ANd it's just as shiny. Trust.

Ship-it-to me-ship-it-to-me-ship-it-to-me-ship-it-to-mE

Sure thing. Parcel Shipping is $9.00 (~4-6 business days). Express is $20, but we'll give it to you for $15 if you can give us even one good reason why you need express shipping on glitter, which is already possibly the most discretionary product you could ever buy.

how much Glitter in a tin?

9 grams. 

I've got the glitter - now what?

if you want a seriously long lasting glitter mono-brow use cosmetic glue. That is some long lasting business. if not, We have tried most things and think the best is paw paw or other lip balm. all good with nail polish too. things we haven't tried: Superglue, shoo goo, clag... 

I'd like a pinata filled with glitter in the shape of a giant penis

We're a small business.  There's not a lot we wouldn't do at the moment.  Send through your wildest requests to claire@spacevivian.com and we'll give them a go. For the record, Rosie is quite talented on the papier mache.

Same goes for any request for different colours, personalised packaging or bulk purchases.  We live to please.